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Mexican National Societies

The Academia Mexicana de Dermatología, A. C. is a non-profit civil association established on June 20, 1952. It was founded by prominent dermatologists such as Dr. Eugenio Cañas Morales, Dr. Oswaldo Arias Capetillo, Dr. Francisco Márquez Iturribarría, Dr. Roberto Núñez Andrade, Dr. Antonio González Ochoa, Dr. Arseny D. Lepiavka, Dr. Crescencio Ochoa y Mena, Dr. Mario Salazar Mallén and Dr. Enrique Villela.Since then it has been growing with the best dermatologists and other specialties related to Dermatology, who have found in this Association an adequate means to share experiences and to be updated on the latest advances in research; and whose beneficiaries will be the patients who will receive the best care since our members will always be at the forefront of dermatological science.

The Mexican Society of Cosmetic Dermatology and Laser (SMDCL) is dedicated to promoting the ethical and responsible practice of cosmetic dermatology through education and the development of links between physicians, industry and other professionals in related disciplines. In addition, the SMDCL is committed to fostering research and protocols that have the potential to improve the practice of cosmetic dermatology internationally.

The Mexican Society of Dermatology is a non-profit civil association made up of dermatologists or related specialties who have a specialisation in dermatology.

The Mexican Society of Dermatologic Surgery and Oncology is a non-profit society that brings together medical specialists of the highest academic level focused on the study, promotion and dissemination of dermatology, dermato-oncology and medical, cosmetic and surgical techniques. They have grown rapidly and have positioned themselves in the national and international academic arena.  Today they have more than three hundred active members, meet periodically and have an official organ of diffusion: The Journal of Cosmetic, Medical and Surgical Dermatology. Year after year they organise courses and congresses of the highest academic level with presentations by the best dermato-oncologists, both national and foreign, with the aim of promoting dermatological surgery, improving its teaching and consolidating its role within Mexican medicine. Their mission is twofold: on the one hand, to promote communication among their members to share knowledge and experiences. On the other hand, they try to inform the general public about the most relevant aspects of surgery and skin cancer, in order to prevent and guide them on how to seek a timely and appropriate diagnosis and treatment for their problems.